Over Analyzed


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released January 16, 2013



all rights reserved


CROSSCHECK Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Hardcore
Dog Years Records
Over Analyzed EP OUT NOW
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Track Name: Held Back
Trying to get ahead but I'm falling behind
Chasing the dream that will never be mine
This path has mislead me, my way I can't find
I'm just stuck in this mess, I'm losing my mind

I can't live the life you want, whats wrong with that?
These thoughts are crushing me it's holding me back
Each step forward leads me two steps behind
Trying to get ahead but I'm just losing my mind

I can't grow into what you want me to be
I'll never be what's expected of me
I've fallen deeper into this mess I'm in
I've got to make things right and don't know where to begin

Won't take the blackened path you tell me to take
My choice is only my decision to make
You can't tell me what my life is about
I can't be held back, I'm gonna break out
Track Name: Live Through Lies
Time will sit, will take, at it's own pace
Time just goes by, too late to cover up your lies
I'll try to see good, but I never understood
Every decision I make, it feels like i'm gonna break
Nobody wins, just wash away your sins,
Nothing happens for a reason, just excuses to lean on

How can you hate, something that doesn't exist?
How can you fill the void where nothing is missed?
You're living your life by something untrue
Can't change the mistakes you'll never undo.

Buried alive, in a grave of regret,
time is just your excuse, just a means to forget.
They say karmas a bitch, well I got my doubts,
I gave it my best and life spit me back out.
Track Name: Confined
My minds' in a prison, my body's in hell
Will I make it alive? It's getting harder to tell

Feeling so hopeless
Lost all control
Can't move ahead until I'm out of this hole

Stuck in this trap

I'm being put to the test
I'm destined to fail
Not much time left
I'm at the end of my trail.
Track Name: Over Analyzed
Can't escape the thoughts in the back of mind
I've been searching for peace but it's quite hard to find
Not comfortable with the skin I'm in
Over analyzed, patience wearing thin

Caught up in my mind, not sure how much more I can take
Give it my all, but I just can't catch a break

Feel isolated it's getting hard to relate
Forced to face reality and it might be too late,
Will I ever do anything right?
Have I lost myself?
Have I lost my sight?